Authorship And Interaction
The Definition of Authorship:

1.) The Profession of writing.

2.) The source (as the author) of a piece of writing, music, or art.

3.) The state or act of writing, creating or causing.

The Definition of Interaction:

1.)Interaction Describes an action which is influenced by other actions. (noun)
This was a class task where the week before we were asked to collect how much electricity we use in our homes for 24 hours. We did this by recording how long each appliance, socket or light was turned on for within 24 hours within each room.
We were then split into groups and asked to visually represent our findings.
Here using the materials provided (colourd thread and drawing pins) the group represented their work via image and layer. the outline of the thread represents the cause of energy consumption, the colours are representative of each person and the thread count shows the length of time the energy was consumed for.
Then we all moved onto the next groups representation and added our own data collection, but without knowing the original design idea we were to interpret and adjust to include our information.
Here the second group altered the internal structure and also added a device to suit their data collection.
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