Interactive Narrative
Interactive narrative is a storytelling device which allows the reader to make choices which will influence where to story goes and what the outcome will be, this is a stark contrast to the traditional linear structure of storytelling. This modern device has been used already to help an anti knife campaign where the reader is placed in the role of having a knife and given a choice and options to choose to take have different endings and different routes/ journeys to take.
If the design is successful the result will be that the viewer will believe they are in that role/situation/environment.
We Tell Stories by Penguin is a project created to get 6 story writers to collaborate and create new forms of stories for the internet. The concept is highly modern as the connectivity, interactive and immediacy of the stories could not of been created before now, the developments in modern technologies allows for these new developments. These six different stories told over six weeks are created using many different mediums, blogs, maps and even texting input. After seeing these new ways of telling a story I consider them very successful as they are are so far away from the traditional printed words on paper form it releases the imagination and enables you to fully immerse yourself from what your viewing and experiencing.
For The Love Of God (http://www.fortheloveofgod.nl)
This is a website made based on Damien Hurst's Diamond Skull, using cropped videos of heads of people expressing their views on the piece of work which float around a center point of an image of the skull itself, the floating heads activate when they are clicked on, the head becomes the focal point and plays the recorded video of that persons reaction. This interactivity really adds to the websites usability, the designer has taken the technology available to create a website where the viewer has full control.