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Pachube based class work
The Internet Of Things (IOT)

Uses devices such as:
Discoverable devices
Devices online
Devices controllable
Smart devices

Then Pachube which is an API (Application Programming Interface) then processes the information which is inputted by the IOT then outputs it as REST (REpresentational State Transfer) and as Data formats and Metadata which can then be recorded on graphs and visually represented for the public to view data that has been collected all over the world. The most popular tags are the measurement of Radiation, Electricity output, Temperature, Air quality etc. These tags and the availability of the usage worldwide has meant that energy consumption can be monitored globally and easily by the public, it also enables users to upload and input their own easily using monitors.
Pachube apps available for any smart phones.
These apps show data very differently, personally I prefer the dials on the left as they show the data being shown at a glance.
Porthole is an augmented reality app which uses a QR code to detect the data stream. I really like this design of app which allows more of a view of the information provided by pachube the design is again easy to understand and doesn't take much deconstruction to depict the data being displayed.